Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How Can Technology Help in the Real Estate Process?

With 84% of home buyers searching online for homes, it is important - now more than ever - that real estate agents offer more than just a nice car and a mapsco! The new tech-savvy real estate agent understands all the new technology and can help you the consumer understand how it all works together to give you a better real estate experience. Finding the right agent is the key. When looking for a high-tech real estate professional, do your homework, contact several successful agents and prepare a list of questions to ask. Some of the questions should concern how involved the real estate agent is in the high-tech aspects of real estate.

1. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT uses Email to keep in touch with their clients.
If you want to communicate with your agent via e-mail about houses for sale, purchase negotiations and the status of your real estate transaction, you obviously need an agent who not only is equipped to send and receive e-mail messages, but also actually uses e-mail. Even better would be an agent with a laptop computer and an e-mail system faster than dial-up.

2. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT has great access to information.
It's no secret that the Web contains massive amounts of pertinent, informative and helpful information about real property and the business of real estate. A high-tech agent can not only help you understand all that info but also has access to neighborhood profiles, mortgage qualifying calculators, real estate news, markets trends reports and much more with a few mouse clicks.

3. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT can show you educational Web sites.
First-time homebuyers, in particular, need to educate themselves about the wide world of home-buying and homeownership. A high-tech agent can recommend Web resources that explain everything from how to shop for a mortgage and why you need title insurance to how to pack and move your belongings.

4. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT can help you house-hunt on the Web and by e-mail.
The days of squinting at tiny blurry pictures in a proprietary MLS book, then driving around for hours in the agent's car are fast coming to an end. A high-tech agent can point you to the best and biggest house-hunting Web sites and uses e-mail to zap new listings that meet your criteria directly to you. By working with a high-tech agent, you will be up to date on homes on the market.

5. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT networks online with other high-tech agents.
E-mail is becoming a popular means of communication for real estate agents, which use it to promote their listings to one another and keep in touch with market developments. A high tech agent uses the web and its capabilities to keep you the buyer up to date and informed. Ever wonder why certain agents always seem one step ahead. The advantage is the web.

6. A high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT will market your home on the web.
A high-tech real estate agent will market your home not on one website, but many. Through advertising partnerships in the cyberspace world, your real estate agent may have as many as 2, 4, 10, 15, 20 to 40 websites that show their listings! Mastering the process and keeping up with it all is what makes a high-tech REAL ESTATE AGENT so valuable. The results that good web marketing gets are what make this type of agent the better choice in most markets today.

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