Thursday, December 18, 2008

2-Minute Video with Jim Fite: Real Estate 2010 and Beyond

Jim Fite, President of CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company in Dallas/Fort Worth, talks about the real estate market today and where it's headed in 2010 and beyond.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Real Estate 2010 and Beyond

Real Estate 411 - FACTS
Growing population and greater technology demands shape our FUTURE

FACTS for our FUTURE: The US population increases 1% per year, or 3 million annually¹. With over 164 million in total US employment by 2014², housing will remain a vital need and attaining it will continue to be the American Dream.
FACTS for our FUTURE: An estimated 75% of American Adults (age 18 and above) go online³. Increased dependency on a burgeoning Internet will continue as technologies become even more to read complete article.

Real Estate 411 - TIPS
Navigating into the FUTURE

TIPS: Real Estate investments are a “get-rich-slow” strategy. Using this process, one finds that the creation of wealth is not an event, but a life-long journey. In Real Estate 2010, there will be strong demographics for housing. The market will continue to offer more opportunities for buying and investing in real estate. Remember that the minimum holding time frame is a reasonable 5 to 10 years and should produce wonderful opportunities for the patient investor. Buy to read complete article.

2-Minute 411 with Jim Fite
Driving factors for the FUTURE

Real Estate will remain a smart investment in 2010 and Beyond. With the population growth expected to double in the United States by 2050, sound real estate investments will remain a wise choice for the savvy investor. Population growth points to a powerful trend and incentive for the accumulation of properties. In the US, our population increases by about 3 million per year. Real estate markets are local in nature. Within the United States there are many regional markets, each with their own unique growth to read complete article.

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