Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Legacy of Service

When real estate pioneer Judge B. Fite founded his real estate, mortgage and insurance company in 1937, he launched a tradition that spans over 73 years of service and commitment to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Throughout its rich history of growth, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, the Judge Fite Company has remained consistently true to its founding ideals. Today, at the helm of the company are Judge Fite’s children, Jim Fite, President, and Jan Fite Miller, Executive Vice President, both who are equally committed to the legacy of service and integrity that was established 73 years ago by Dene and Judge Fite.

Jan Fite Miller has been compelled to leave her mark on the industry and to support and encourage higher ethical standards in every real estate transaction since she first joined the company in 1969. From the marketing of the property to closing the loan, Jan will insist on the proper handling of every aspect of the real estate transaction from the company’s many associates as well as its partners. This is part of the edge that CENTURY 21 Judge Fite offers its clients and the communities it serves. “We train our associates to carefully perform their duties being fair and honest with all parties, giving full disclosure of all pertinent facts, and strict adherence to agency guidelines. It is in this manner that I work to maintain a continual improvement of professional standards in the real estate industry.”

Serving as the spokesperson for CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company since 1977, Jim Fite has seen his father’s company grow from one office with eight associates to a diversified firm of 21 offices and more than 800 associates and staff. Like his sister, Jim Fite is passionate about his responsibility to not only his clients, but the real estate industry as a whole. His high profile in professional leadership through the years has held his company in good standing by providing
an opportunity to develop leaders and successful systems during some of real estate’s toughest times. Still, his motivation comes from serving people.

“What wakes me up every morning and gets me going is the responsibility to the thousands of people who depend on us to provide an environment for them to flourish and succeed”, states Fite. “And not just the people who are part of our organization, but the individuals in our industry – from the buyer’s agent to the escrow officer; the appraiser to the mortgage counselor, I want to make a difference. Judge Fite has the opportunity to be a catalyst for success at the center of every real estate transaction we are a part of, and I don’t take that lightly.”

With an unparalleled commitment to heart-driven service, this first family of DFW real estate has continued to thrive and expand when many others failed, and continued in its tireless dedication to serve the Metroplex real estate market with new products, technology, and services. The success attitude of its leadership, shored up by unmatched business acumen, has propelled CENTURY 21 Judge Fite to continue broadening its horizons, both geographically and with the kinds of products and services it incorporates to meet the needs of a continually changing marketplace.