Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You paid WHAT!? for that house?

I ran into a friend a couple of months ago at Red Robin Restaurant I had not seen in years. After the chit chat he said that he had found the most incredible home for his family just 15 miles from here. Both he and his wife’s face lit up as they described it to me. As a Realtor of 30 years, I truly was impressed with the word picture they articulated. It was definitely a good deal. I asked if they were on contract to buy it, he shrugged his shoulders as he looked at his wife he said we are not, because we can’t get anything out of our home. My next question was, “how much under market can you buy that home?” It was a lot under market. That answer led to the next statement…”What are you waiting for? “You might not get as much out of your present home as you would like, however, you are making the Deal of a Lifetime on the purchase of the new home!” You know for a fact that the old owner spent way more on that home than you are paying now. Do not miss the opportunity staring you in the face.

For investors, today is the time to buy & own rental properties. There are many homes that can be bought at incredibly low prices, with low interest rates. Today’s market is a better investing market than the past 4-5 years. Buy your rentals right and you can cash flow $200.00 to $300.00 per month per property on a 20 year note. In the DFW area, we have a great influx of new residents looking for that Big Texas Dream. They are coming here in droves. My wife and I will be buying additional investment properties this year. Do Not Miss The Boat, Hummer, Helicopter, and OPPORTUNITY.

For most Americans their home is their largest investment and the bulk of their financial net worth. Make a plan, buy investments, and work your plan because Real Estate builds Wealth. Once you own property call CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Property Management to take the head ache out of owning rentals. I learned a SECRET of keeping rental properties. Once you own them, hire a professional to manage them. In order to own them long enough to Build Wealth in Real Estate, you need help. My wife and I hired CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Management Co to manage our Rentals 18 years ago. No regrets, only the ability to see more clearly the opportunity in front of us. Since hiring CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Management, we have grown by 3 & 1/2 times due to not being stuck in the muck and mire of managing.

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