Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everything but skiing in Dallas/Fort Worth!

Jim Fite talks about the diverse real estate market and the many property types available - just about everything you could want...except skiing!

Finding the right house is about more than bricks and mortar, it’s about choosing a lifestyle!

A home and a neighborhood tailored to your personality
One of the joys of owning a home is the creative aspect of tailoring your new environment to your personality, your lifestyle, and your needs. From decorating and painting to landscaping to location, your home tells a story about you! The variety of home types in Dallas Fort Worth supports a highly diverse Metroplex of retail and business professionals, craftsman and artisans, teachers, health professionals and civil servants. There is not just one housing answer! Maybe that’s why DFW is one of the most sought after markets and job growth centers in the nation – there is something here for everyone.

Here is a list of things to think about when choosing your DFW real estate lifestyle:

Personality type – City-goer or country lover? Quiet or party lover?
Work requirements – work in an office downtown? From your home? What is the commute?
Family – Do you have kids? Is your family active in sports? Weekend activities? Weeknight activities?
Entertainment – love the movies? Like to listen to live music? How far are you willing to drive for your fun needs?
Hobbies – Do you need a hobby room? Place for a garden? Pool or gym access? Golf?
Physical limitations – are you physically limited? Do you want stairs? Need easy access?
Schools/Church/Shopping – Involved in PTA? Teach Sunday School? Do you want shopping easily assessable?
Time Management – How much driving do you want to do? Can you handle traffic? Do you have daycare time requirements?
Budget – what can you afford? What area can you afford? How dependable is your car? Gas mileage? School? Taxes?

Think about these things, discuss them with your partner if you are buying a home with someone else. Write down the answers and use this as a guide to start your search for the perfect real estate lifestyle you will enjoy for years!

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