Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I Choose? Judge Fite helps you stay ahead of the curve

Dene McFerren of the Cedar Hill office shares her thoughts about training in a fast changing business.

Dene McFerren of the Cedar Hill OfficeBefore I decided to get my real estate license, I knew I wanted to work for Century21 Judge Fite, if they would have me. As a life long citizen of Dallas, I grew up hearing the Judge Fite name associated with words like integrity, value, service, and longevity. When they added Century21 to their title, they became a a formidable force with a national presence.

Now that I have been a part of the Judge Fite team for almost ten years, I can honestly tell you that their impeccable reputation pales in comparison to the true integrity of this organization. They believe in supporting their agents and staff to a level I have never experienced before in my professional life. Recently it became necessary for some agents to have additional training for a particular facet of this business. Instead of making it a negative, or punitive situation, Judge Fite created a training session that was not only extremely informative and easily accessible, but also provided all of the agents with FREE MCE hours as a result of completing the training. When you make a mistake, as we all do, the management and executives at Judge Fite not only stand by you, they help you correct the problem and then find a way to improve your ability to deal with whatever may come your way.

Real estate is a fast changing business with a myriad of moving parts. Judge Fite stays ahead of the curve and provides training throughout your career at every level of success you achieve. They support you when you are in need, appreciate you in your successes, reward your achievements, and they provide all the training and education that make everything possible. They really have no equal in my opinion.

Dena McFerren
Cedar Hill

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