Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How can I better manage my Credit Score so I can get a new home?

CREDIT for Home Buyers and Home Sellers

Real Estate 411 – FACTS

QUICK FACT #1: 1956 was a year for credit
QUICK FACT #2: So, what's the BIG deal?
QUICK FACT #3: 5 factors determine your score
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Real Estate 411 – TIPS
It's a CREDIT driven society we live in, but don't let credit drive YOU
QUICK TIP #1: It's NOT error free
QUICK TIP #2: Get in the driver's seat!
QUICK TIP #3: Talk their language
Want the details on these QUICK TIPS? CLICK HERE!

2-Minute 411 with Jim Fite
Managing CREDIT: Old-school wisdom

Getting into major debt can mean BIG trouble and prevent you from being able to buy the home of your dreams. The task is learning how to effectively . . . CLICK HERE to read complete article.

To find a real estate professional or mortgage counselor who can help you address your credit issues, contact CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company at 800-451-8055 or email

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