Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is "Staging" anyway?

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"Staging" is the latest buzzword in real estate, but it simply means to present your home in its best and most appealing light. If you are preparing your home to sell, it is to setup your home to appeal to prospective buyers and showcase the property in a way that makes buyers eager to purchase! In theory, "staging" isn't hard or costly, but in reality, many homeowners find it difficult because it's often hard to see something objectively when we love it. An easy way to see effectively "staged" homes is to visit decorated models. Decorating a model is expensive, but builders are willing to invest the cost because they understand just how well a "staged" home sells.

What Are the Benefits of Home Staging?

>> A staged home sells faster and for more money in most markets
>> Inspectors view a staged home as a home that has been well cared for
>> Appraisers are more likely to appraise a staged home at full value
>> You can't sell what is covered up in clutter
>> Homes that are staged, clean, and free of clutter have an immediate advantage in any market

To sell your home faster at top dollar!

Clean - put the sparkle back!
Fix – anything broken, cracked or dripping
De-Clutter – get rid of 50%
Go Neutral – Neutral colors sell
De-Personalize – Remove objects your buyer can’t identify with

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