Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How do I use the new real estate mobile apps?

Real Estate 411 – The MOBILE Real Estate Agent

Mobile technology enters the real estate market to make house hunting convenient and put the information in the palm of your hand!

With the rise of the second smartphone generation (iPhone, Android, and BB touch screen), people are using their mobile phones in completely new ways. The most significant trend is the usage of mobile applications or “apps”, led by the game changing iTunes App Store. Applications are easy to find and download to mobile device, making the user experience both rewarding and entertaining. With the availability of real estate apps, consumers now have access to property information in the palm of their hand and know where to find homes in an area they want to be in.

Fact: With GPS available on your cell phone, you can navigate applications to search for a home in your location, view photos and details of the property, and contact an agent or an office.

Fact: Through mobile lead routing technology, the mobile real estate agent can receive your inquiry about a property within minutes and respond. You will soon be touring the home of your dreams. Mobile real estate technology also has the power to push your listings out across multiple mobile apps to be seen by thousands of potential homebuyers.

Fact: Using a mobile application is better than browsing the mobile web. It is much faster! It takes only one second to launch a mobile application versus up to several minutes for a mobile web in a bad reception area. Your smartphone goes with you wherever you go and can get reception where your mobile web cannot. You can even house-hunt when you are sitting at a football game!

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