Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Saleability – what makes a home sell?

The risks that I see in this subject are the WHAT IFs.

  • What if the house doesn’t sell?
  • What if the Seller doesn’t choose me?
  • What if they won’t do the repairs needed?
  • What if no one will look at it?
  • What if we can’t overcome the next door neighbor?
  • What if I can’t make my house payment this month?

Let’s see, the client has not been served and will be unhappy so no more future business in referrals. Neither Seller, nor I, end up with any money, so how do I make my own car payment? Only hindrance to my unsullied reputation!!

We MUST make these properties SALEABLE! You know the routine: condition, price, market trend, competition. How do we WIN in every situation? ATTITUDE, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE. We have to know what is going on in the market place that is the Metroplex, but it is also much more specifically the neighborhood. What else is on the market? How many homes in the same basic age and size, within the subdivision as well as within the city or suburb? Then we move on to condition. How does this house compare to the 10 others in the same subdivision listed for approximately the same price? Which ones will sell before this one if the Seller doesn’t listen to you? I think we need to learn to prove our case, like a lawyer, beyond a reasonable doubt, that WE ARE THE BEST AGENT, COMPANY, BRAND to sell their home for them at the best price with the fewest problems and in the least amount of time.

I repeat that SALEABILITY depends on ATTITUDE, SKILL and KNOWLEDGE—those traits are all controlled by YOU. Never stop practicing. Never stop learning. Never let your attitude fall below a 10 for more than 20 minutes.


Jan Fite Miller, EVP



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