Monday, June 29, 2009

the FACTS on Staging your home to SELL!

Ok, I want to sell my house, but there are several things in need of repair and/or updating. Is it worth my time and money?

QUICK FACT #1: Staging your home for sale saves you time and money
Professionally staged homes sell in 80% less time than non-staged homes, according to a survey conducted by ASP* (Accredited Staging Professional). The money spent on staging will always be less than your first price reduction and statistics also show that 94.6% of staged homes sell on average in 35 days or less. *Source: and based on today’s market

QUICK FACT #2: Simple cleaning and staging can return $1,000’s
The following is a summary of the results of HomeGain’s national survey, based on areas of home improvement identified by real estate agents.

PROJECT - COST - PRICE INCREASE (+) - ROI (Return on Investment)
Home Staging: Lighten and brighten - Costs: $233 – 370 Price +: $1,178 – 1,566 ROI: 355%
Clean and de-Clutter - Costs: $190 – 318 Price+: $1,505 – 1,937 ROI: 578%
Landscape Front/back - Costs: $378 – 546 Price+: $1,718 – 2,158 ROI: 319%
Stage Home for Sale - Costs: $403 – 584 Price+: $1,938 – 2,431 ROI: 343%

QUICK FACT #3: Living in your home and marketing your home are two different things!
Staging can be as simple as spiffing up your home in a number of small ways…it’s all in the presentation! The way you live in your home and the way you market your home for sale are two different things…you have to think of your house as a product. You want the prospective buyer to visualize your home as THEIR home, they need to be able to SEE their stuff in your house!

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