Thursday, July 9, 2009

What are the advantages of using a REALTOR today?

Having a good real estate transaction or experience really depends on your agent

Finding the right agent is the basis for a great real estate transaction. And success comes from the consumer’s perspective, no one else’s. Make sure that you feel comfortable and can communicate easily with your agent, and that they have the knowledge you need to help make a good decision. Carefully choosing a Realtor will definitely give you an advantage in the home buying or selling process!

QUICK TIP #1: Look for the agent who has the LOCAL ADVANTAGE
When you are choosing a Realtor to help you buy or sell real estate, look for one who is an expert in the community where you are selling or interested in buying. Here are a few ways to determine how “local” your agent is:

- A community resident (preferred)
- Has community memberships in clubs, boards, chambers, associations, PTA, etc.
- Ask to see their “PR” or press related announcements about their local activities
- Ask how long they have been in the area and where their office is located
- Do you see their “FOR SALE” sign in the area?

QUICK TIP #2: Look for the agent who has the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE
One of the key assets you want in a Realtor is one who has knowledge of their industry and of the local market. You want them to understand the technical side of the real estate transaction so they can help you navigate through the process, eliminating errors and getting you to the closing table successfully and on time.

- Look for experience. How many years in the business?
- What is their background?
- Check to see what real estate “designations” they have. There are many education hours required for an agent to receive one single designation such as CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) or REALTOR® (Graduate of the Realtor Institute). This indicates specialized training in a certain area.
- When you identify the agent’s areas of expertise, make sure this compliments your particular needs.

QUICK TIP #3: Look for the agent who has the MARKETING ADVANTAGE
One of the greatest advantages in working with a real estate professional is the marketing opportunities they bring to the table. For the buyer, they are more knowledgeable on homes from marketing through their vast referral network. And for the seller, a Realtor’s “marketing toolbox” and referral network has the potential to expose your property to thousands more interested buyer prospects.

- Check out their website, is it up to date with community and property information?
- Are they Internet savvy? Connected?
- Do they participate in social networking, and do they have pages on Facebook and other sites they are using to market their listings and provide pertinent real estate information to the online community?
- Ask for an example of their marketing plan for your property or a listing of their referral networks where they can match your real estate needs up to sellers.
- When and how will they deploy their marketing plan? How will it benefit your objectives?

These tips get you thinking about what qualifications you want in a real estate professional. The bottom line is that you want to find an agent who possesses most, if not all, of these qualities while having a comfortable working relationship with you. You are choosing someone you will be spending many hours with and hopefully will build a solid, long-term relationship over time. Selecting the right real estate agent will make a world of difference in the outcome of your real estate transaction.

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