Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why use a Realtor in Commerical Real Estate?

Realtors are not just real estate agents. They are the true professionals and experts in the industry. There are many reasons to use a Realtor in commercial real estate transactions. Here are several real examples that will show how using a Realtor benefited some of the clients of the CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Commercial Division:

A retailer has always done his own site selection for his new locations. Our Realtor Agent met with him 12 years ago and showed that he could research the site selection and negotiate the lease as well as the client, saving the client valuable time that he could use running his business. 15 locations later (and counting) this is still working effectively for both the client and Realtor.

A developer/contractor did his own leasing of the shopping centers he built. Our Realtor Agent convinced the client that he was capable of handling all aspects of the leasing of the center, allowing the client to spend more time working on his construction business and procuring additional construction jobs. The Realtor leased up one center, prompting the client to ask him to find another site for purchase and development. Now, the Realtor is pre-leasing that soon to-be- built shopping center. The client now spends his time and energy growing his construction business, knowing that his Realtor is handling the leasing of his center in a professional and effective way.

The owner of a dry cleaning business wants to build and own his own retail center. Our Realtor Agent researched areas, helped negotiate the purchase of land and then helped the client with development, leasing and eventual sale of the center while allowing the client to spend his time successfully running his other four stores.

A banker with a property in default wants to sell it before it goes to foreclosure. The banker calls a Realtor to help him. The Realtor contacts one of his investors and is successful in quickly negotiating a sale of the property before foreclosure. This allows the banker to remove the property from his “bad” loan list, provides the investor the opportunity to pick up a valuable property and both parties obtain a mutually satisfying ongoing lender/borrower relationship. A win-win for all sides because the banker knew the value of using a Realtor.

I you would like help with your commercial listing or are interested in a career in commercial real estate, contact Larry Harbour, Manager, Commercial Division for CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company at 214-446-2575, or email Be sure to visit to view all our commercial property listings.

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